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System Support

You can easily purchase a 1, 2, or 3 year support agreement with almost any piece of equipment CherryStoneIT sells. This support option is taylored to seamlessly meet manufacturer specifications and manufacturer-offered response times while beating the manufacturer support pricing. Email or call 1-714-596-0505 for support pricing on the following platforms. Equipment list, zip code and service level is needed to generate a quotation.

Ask a CherryStoneIT representative for support pricing on the following platforms.

  • Oracle / Sun Microsystems Support®
  • IBM Support®
  • HP Support®
  • Dell Support®
  • Cisco Support®
  • Brocade Support®
  • Checkpoint Support®
  • EMC Support®

The following support levels are available.(2-hour hardware-fix response times available only in major metropolitan areas)

TERiX Critical Plus: Our High Availability Support Solution Ideal for mission-critical production systems, this support option provides for on-site engineer response within 4 hours (also a 2 hour on-site option), 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (7×24) to ensure a quick recovery in case of major failure.TERiX Critical: Our Business Week High Availability Support Plan For systems service throughout the business week, this program provides Monday through Friday 24 hour support with a 4 hour response commitment. We also offer optional on-site stocking of spares to address high availability support needs.TERiX Elite: Our Standard System Support Solution This service is for systems in need of on-site support Monday through Friday during normal business hours (8a-5pm local time). This support option offers you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can have a TERiX on-site support engineer available to your facility during the workweek. Coverage is 8x5x4 on-site within four hours, with an option for on-site spares for added convenience.TERiX Shared: Our Self-Maintenance Solution For some of the products we support, we know that some customers are sophisticated users who can perform the on-site maintenance task on their own. This program provides technical helpdesk support and training, with guaranteed replacement part delivery.